Alex Rodriguez reveals the book ‘that changed my financial life’

Alex Rodriguez is just as interested in Prince Harry as the rest of the world.

The co-owner of the NBA’s Minnesota Timberwolves and former New York Yankees All-Star third baseman this week shared five of his favorite books with his Instagram followers, with the smash hit from the British royal making the cut.

The New York-born Rodriguez — who over the course of his 24-season playing career earned $455 million, according to Spotrac — called “Rich Dad, Poor Dad” the book “that changed my financial life.”

“It was really the epitome of what my poor parents taught me and exactly the opposite, I’m teaching my daughters,” he said.

The self-help book, which had sold tens of millions of copies in more than 40 languages, is an allegorical story about author Robert Kiyosaki and his biological father, the “poor dad,” and his best friend’s father, the “rich dad.”

Kiyosaki tells readers how his experiences with both men shaped his financial outlook on life, and he shares the lessons about money that he follows to this day.

Rodriguez also recommends “The Winner Within” by legendary NBA coach and executive Pat Riley, calling the book, a meditation on success and what it takes to achieve it, “more relevant today than even 30 years ago.”

Rounding out his list, Rodriguez recommended a trio of memoirs all written by the same ghostwriter: J.R. Moehringer.

In addition to Prince Harry’s “Spare”, Rodriguez liked Moehringer work on 2009′s “Open” for American tennis star Andre Agassi and 2016′s “Shoe Dog” for Nike founder Phil Knight. 

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