Manhattan DA Alvin Bragg’s prosecution (persecution) of bodega worker Jose Alba looks ever worse as more facts come out. The latest: a newly released video supports his claim that he was attacked first, and so had every right to defend himself — even if one of his attackers, irate ex-con Austin Simon, did end up dead.

Bragg opted to prosecute the victim, Alba, even demanding bail so high that the aging immigrant wound up at Rikers despite Bragg’s professed desire to keep people out of jail.

Or is it only actual criminals the DA wants to protect?

Another video provided by Alba’s lawyer seems to show the clerk trying to de-escalate the argument that led to the deadly confrontation.

In short, it’s an open-and-shut self-defense case. Which means there’s no need for a New York version of the Florida “Stand Your Ground” law, as United Bodega Association spokesman Fernando Mateo is calling for.

Jose Alba was freed on $50,000 bond and must submit to electronic monitoring.
Alec Tabak

All the state (or Manhattan, anyway) needs is a district attorney who’s committed to actual justice, rather than appeasing the pro-criminal left.

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