Very few people had their future endangered more last week than Marjorie Taylor-Greene in being named as a co-conspirator to a possible sedition charge,  due to her presence at the December 22nd hearing at the White House and it appears that Marjorie will do almost anything to change the subject. “Doing almost anything” includes accusing one of her faux rivals, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, of inciting an insurrection, herself. Tit for tat, false equivalencies, Marjorie’s last resort. How would AOC incite an insurrection? By calling people to action to protest the Supreme Court’s ruling in Dodds:

Under Marjorie Taylor-Greene’s theory regarding inciting people to insurrection, Donald Trump can stand at a podium and talk about going up to the Capitol and “fight like hell” in order to save one’s country (among a great many other things) and yet not incite the insurrection that followed. But, AOC imploring women to “fight for their rights,” is inciting an “insurrection.”

AOC tried to deal with Marjorie Taylor Greene patiently, as an adult who understands the new world that Greene must navigate, one in which much of her role in the sedition and insurrection (but not all) has been exposed:

So Marjorie was owned and told that people who seek pardons before there has been any talk of arresting a member of Congress are the type that pursued an insurrection. Additionally, implicit in AOC’s response is that protesting a ruling certainly doesn’t rise to what Marjorie did, which Marjorie surely knows and probably should have called the challenge off at that point.

This logical progression escaped Marjorie who,  in a juvenile way, must always have the last word. Curiously, Marjorie tweeted back using an ad hominem attack, both elements of which touched upon Russia and an eerily pro-Putin policy response that was pulled out of thin air:

It is odd and yet expected that Marjorie’s “safe place” is to argue Putin-approved positions.

It is also obvious that AOC – like most of us – would run in front of a bus to protect a baby. The Dodds ruling was about embryos and fetuses. To complete the square, there were no riots last night, at least none that found their way into the front page of the New York Times.

Thursday’s hearings on the January 6th, 2021 riot-insurrection, however, did merit the media’s attention. For the first time, Marjorie Taylor-Greene was named as a co-conspirator. Perhaps that is why Marjorie desperately wants to expand the number of people subject to the same charges.


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