A couple of innocuous clues on left some viewers wondering if the show was getting political. Under the category “The Representative From…,” the first two clues pertained to members of the January 6th Committee.

The first clue under the category was, “Wyoming: This woman starting in 2017, taking the seat her dad had won nearly 40 years before.”

Contestant Yungsheng Wang correctly answered, “Who is Liz Cheney?”

The very next clue was, “Mississippi: Bennie Thompson who chairs the select committee investigating the events of this date in 2021.”

This time contestant Alicia O’Hare correctly responded,” What is January 6th?”

While Sonny Bono and John Boehner were answers to more difficult clues, viewers primarily took to social media to discuss the possible reason behind the clues.

The is investigating the Jan. 6, 2020 insurrection at that Capitol. During the riot, in which thousands of people attempted to stop the electoral process, one person was killed and several people were injured. At least for their involvement in the attack.

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