The death of Dame Deborah James has reminded millions across the UK of the heartbreaking effects cancer has on individuals and families. As 43,000 people a year are diagnosed with the disease, what are the main things you need to know about bowel cancer?

Bowel cancer is the fourth most common cancer diagnosed in the UK, and the second biggest cancer killer.

Cases are most often diagnosed in the over 50s, but 2,600 cases a year are diagnosed in those under that age.

It more commonly affects men than women, with one in 18 women being diagnosed in their lifetime, compared to one in 15 men.

Bowel cancer is highly treatable if caught early, and according to Bowel Cancer UK, almost everyone survives if they are diagnosed in stage one.

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Again, fatigue can be caused by a range of factors, but can be common throughout the course of a cancer battle, no matter what stage it is at.

Fatigue can happen if polyps or tumors bleed into the digestive tract, leading to a loss of iron over time and possibly iron deficiency anemia.

Fatigue, when you have cancer, can be very random and near impossible to alleviate, so if you’re feeling chronically tired and out of sorts, it’s time to go and see your GP.

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