When is an 8 of diamonds more than just an 8 of diamonds?

Some optical illusions are said to reveal something about you and the way you see the world. This isn’t one of those.

Here’s a party trick that anyone with a deck of classic playing cards can try — just whip out the 8 of diamonds to unveil it.

The number 8 appears on the card in three different ways. Can you spot them all?

There’s the numeral 8 twice, at the top left and bottom right of the card. There’s also a geometric pattern of eight diamond symbols in five rows: two diamonds on the top, middle and bottom rows, and a single diamond on the second and fourth rows.

But those aren’t the only ways to see eight on the card.

[Warning: Spoilers below]

Can you spot the hidden 8 on this card?

“Britain’s Got Talent” contestant Jamie Raven, a magician, previously shared one version of this trick on Twitter.

“How old were you when you learned there was an ‘8’ in the middle of the 8 of diamonds card?” Raven wrote.

The “ ’8′ in the middle” he’s referencing is the shape that’s formed from the negative space in between the diamonds.

8 of diamonds
The hidden 8 appears in the negative space between the diamond pattern.
Bicycle Cards

Many who saw the meme on social media were, in fact, that-day years old when they learned about the hidden 8 — and that meant quite a few years for some.

“I was today years old,” one viewer replied. “70,” another claimed, in a repost via Instagram.

Too clever to take the bait, one quipped, “That would mean me telling you how old I am now.”

There are more optical illusions like it, one follower pointed out — sharing the iconic purple-and-orange FedEx logo. “Same question as to when you saw the arrow in the @FedEx logo,” they wrote.

If you didn’t see it immediately: Look at the white space between the capital E and the X.

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