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Ukraine war: Putin warns against foreign intervention

Russia's president says any nation meddling in the Ukraine war will face a "lightning-fast" response. This story originally Appeared on BBCI.co.uk

Ukraine crisis: Macron says crucial says ahead after Putin summit

Mr Scholz - on his first trip to Washington since become chancellor and under criticism for his response to the Ukraine crisis -...

'TikTok King', 77, challenges ex-rebel for Colombia's top job

Rodolfo Hernández, a populist and savvy social media user, faces an ex-rebel in Colombia's run-off. This story originally Appeared on BBCI.co.uk

US to ban Russian diamond and vodka imports

US President Joe Biden also says there are plans to revoke Russia’s status as an equal trade partner. This story originally Appeared on BBCI.co.uk

Taiwan condemns ‘evil neighbour’ China after missiles fired during military drills | World News

Taiwan's premier has condemned China as the "evil neighbour next door"...

Tamil Nadu: The Indian man who makes art from sunlight

Vignesh, a 31-year-old artist from the southern Indian state of Tamil Nadu, uses a lens and sunlight to burn his designs onto wood.As...

Can tourism ease the inflation pressure in Turkey?

As people in Turkey battle a massive rate of inflation could tourism help ease the situation? Source link

Couple married for 91 years and still in love

Zechariah and Shama’a have been married for 91 years. As Jewish orphans in Yemen, they married young to avoid being wed outside of...

Colombia election: How TikTok is defining the presidential race

TikTok has become a major political battleground for Colombia’s presidential candidates, who are reaching out to young voters. But how does singing and...

Full lunar eclipse to bring super blood Moon

The Moon will slowly darken and turn red as it falls into Earth's shadow. This story originally Appeared on BBCI.co.uk

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