Move over cherry coke!

Coca-Cola will release a strawberry-and-watermelon-infused soda after teaming with Grammy-winning mashup artist DJ Marshmello on a new flavor, the company said this week.

The limited-edition cola will hit stores on July 12 and is the conglomerate’s latest marketing stunt as it tries to draw fans of the popular musician.

“We created a vibey blend of my favorite flavors in this all new mix,” DJ Marshmello – whose name is Chris Comstock – said in a statement.

The Marshmello-inspired soda features the DJ’s signature white helmet that covers his face. It will come in a slim, white, 12-ounce can that will likely become a collectible.

Marshmello has more than 12 billion streams on Spotify and is the third-most subscribed artist on YouTube.

“I wanted to do something different,” Marshmello told Billboard while shooting footage for the campaign in Los Angeles “I had a different flavor in mind originally and then we started messing around with other crazy flavors. I [chose] strawberry [and] watermelon just because you wouldn’t think that [would come from me].’

A 12 oz can of the Marshmello inspired soda.
The new product will be introduced around the world, Coca-Cola said.
The Coca-Cola Company

Comstock visited Coca-Cola’s Atlanta headquarters last year to “brainstorm” with the company’s marketing and research and development teams.

“From the beginning, we wanted this to be a collaborative process that could come to life and feel authentic to both of our brands,” Oana Vlad, senior director, global strategy said in a statement. “Everyone rolled up their sleeves and had a lot of fun… Marshmello is known as a connector of fans, so our values are aligned.”

The new flavor comes on the heels of other unorthodox concepts. In February, the soft-drink giant released Coca-Cola Starlight, “inspired by outer space,” and in April it released Zero Sugar Byte, which is supposed to represent the “flavor of pixels,” the company said.

Marshmello sitting in a Sirius studio.
DJ Marshmello is the third most subscribed artist on YouTube.
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In 2019, the soda giant launched Cinnamon Coca-Cola as a holiday drink.

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