Controversial YouTube personality and self-help author Jordan Peterson signed a podcasting deal with The Daily Wire, the company announced Thursday.

Peterson, the Canadian clinical psychologist, will appear on DailyWire+, a subscription-based streaming service that will offer podcasts and video-on-demand, the conservative news site co-founded by Ben Shapiro said.

The announcement comes a day after Peterson, a critic of “cancel culture,” was reportedly suspended by Twitter.

Dave Rubin, a right-leaning commentator, said that Peterson was booted off the platform Wednesday for tweeting that the doctor who removed transgender actor Elliot Page’s breasts was a “criminal physician.”

The Post has sought comment from Twitter.

Peterson said he gravitated toward Daily Wire due to the state of the current media landscape.

“Obviously, there’s a huge shift in media technology from whatever was the legacy media in print, video, entertainment, and in the digital world, and clearly DailyWire+ is at the forefront of that,” said Peterson.

“Partnering with a company that shares my own values for excellence and entrepreneurial vision is the natural next step for me. And, it’s time for a new adventure.”

Peterson will record twice-weekly podcasts as well as offer exclusive bonus content for subscribers, according to Forbes.

As part of the arrangement, the archives of Peterson’s existing podcast as well as his videos will also be housed at DailyWire+.

Daily Wire is a conservative news outlet founded by former Breitbart journalist Ben Shapiro.
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DailyWire+, which was launched this week, will also offer exclusive original films as well as family and children entertainment.

It’s a significant expansion for The Daily Wire and Shapiro, a former Breitbart reporter.

Peterson is considered one of the more popular intellectual voices on the political right.

His YouTube channel, which boasts more than 5.16 million subscribers, includes videos of his lectures in which he criticizes political correctness.

Peterson has amassed a following of millions who watch his YouTube lectures critical of "cancel culture."
Peterson has amassed a following of millions who watch his YouTube lectures critical of “cancel culture.”
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Some of his lectures and debates have generated as many as 40 million views on YouTube, earning him a mass following.

Peterson has angered liberals by stating that white privilege is a “Marxist lie” and that the idea that women were oppressed throughout history “is an appalling theory.”

He has also spoken out against identity politics and enforced use of gender pronouns.

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