Don’t buy Escape from Tarkov on Steam, it’s a fake

Previously exclusive to the Battlestate Games Launcher, an Escape from Tarkov Steam release would be ideal for fans of the extraction battle royale game seeking an alternate, Valve-based option for booting Tarkov up. It’s true. Escape from Tarkov now has a Steam listing. But the world is an unfair and cruel place, and we can now regrettably confirm that Escape from Tarkov Steam is a fake. Don’t be caught out.

Although it looks semi-convincing – trailers, screenshots, blurb and descriptive text – the Escape from Tarkov Steam page has a few dead giveaways. Firstly, the listed system requirements are way below what you would actually need to get Tarkov to run. Second, nowhere on the Steam page does the bootleg version of EFT mention that the game is still in beta. There are also no links to the varying editions of Tarkov either, and the purchase link simply reads “buy EFT.”

Examining ‘Escape from Tarkov’s’ page on Steam DB reveals that purchasing and running ‘the game’ will in fact just launch the original, bespoke Battlestate Games Launcher. Essentially, you’d be paying the price of a full game just for the privilege of opening Tarkov through a different link.

PCGamesN’s beloved sister site The Loadout has since confirmed with Battlestate, Escape from Tarkov’s developer, that the listing is indeed a fake. So, this is your warning: if you see Escape from Tarkov on Steam, for the time being, follow your extraction battle royale instincts and get the heck out of there. Alternatively, if you want to know is Escape from Tarkov on Steam, for real, we have the answer.

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This story originally appeared on pcgamesn


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