Dreamlight Valley Encanto update includes Mirabel and Olaf

A Dreamlight Valley Encanto update has been announced as the first part of the 2023 roadmap for the Disney game, bringing the lovable Mirabel Madrigal to the valley. However, in an unexpected twist, Gameloft has hinted that she’ll be joined by none other than Frozen’s adorable sentient snowman Olaf, who will be reunited with his old friend Anna and Elsa.

The next Dreamlight Valley update is just around the corner as Gameloft continues with their regular content updates to the early access game – and one of the best PC games of 2022. The developer knows how to keep its fans hooked by adding new Dreamlight Valley characters every couple of months, but it had been a bit quiet since the ability to unlock Stitch was added to the Disney game. Finally, an entire Dreamlight Valley 2023 roadmap for the first half of the year has been revealed, so here’s what we know about the arrival of the family Madrigal’s iconic Mirabel, and the chilly little snowman Olaf.

Dreamlight Valley Encanto update release date speculation

We know from the 2023 roadmap that the Encanto update will be coming to Dreamlight Valley in February, but we don’t have an exact date. That said, we can guess that the Dreamlight Valley Encanto update release date will be around February 1, 2023. This is based on the existing Festive Star Path, essentially the game’s battle pass, which comes to a close on January 27. Previous updates have rolled out a few days to a week after the end of a Star Path, so very early February would fit in with this pattern.

Dreamlight Valley Encanto update characters and content

With the end of the Festive Star Path comes new rewards to collect, and these are themed around the House of Mouse’s 100th anniversary – so we can perhaps expect lots of gold, glitter, and celebratory items!

The most important part of the Encanto update though is, of course, Mirabel herself, and just how she will return to the valley. Presumably, we’ll meet Mirabel in an Encanto realm – there’s no current place for her to be found in the valley, and the colourful and lively Casa Madrigal would lend itself perfectly to a new realm. That said, take the next few days to gather up that precious Dreamlight, or convert any spare Dreamlight Valley Dream Shards you might have, so you won’t have to wait to unlock the new area.

With new characters come new quests, and Mirabel will no doubt come with her own interesting story arc. Like Stitch and Scar before her, she may well even bring new items, ingredients, or Dreamlight Valley recipes, but that might be more likely to fall into the hands – or sticks?! – of the other new arrival…

Olaf comes to Dreamlight Valley

Do you want to build a snowman? Lucky for you, the Dreamlight Valley updates roadmap also obviously hints to the arrival of Olaf, the friendly little Frozen snowman. Now, this is a bit of a new one, as we’re not entirely sure how the arrival of Olaf will be dealt with in-game. Anna and Elsa are already among the existing Dreamlight Valley characters, and were first encountered through the Frozen realm. However, we are yet to experience returning to a realm, so we don’t know if Olaf will be located that way. Possibly, when you consider players diving into the game for the first time post Olaf’s arrival would simply meet the sisters and their snowman together.

Equally, Olaf could be spotted in the snowy Frozen Heights biome, and as we mentioned above, could even bring about the introduction of a new zone. Back when Scar was found roaming the Sunlit Plateau, he unlocked the underground mine area, which included new ingredients and items. Stitch then later uncovered coffee beans and related recipes, though no new places to discover. Whatever happens with Olaf and Mirabel, we know that there will be plenty to discover when the new Encanto update comes knocking in just a matter of days.

Are you as excited as we are for the arrival of these new residents? Well, get ready for them, then, by making sure you have finished the Dreamlight Valley Scar quests, make sure you’ve got everything you need from the Festive Star Path, and upgrade your Dreamlight Valley house to make room for some new items.

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