Former St. Louis Police Sergeant Ann Dorn is warning about the state of the St. Louis Police Department as a result of Soros-backed St. Louis attorney Kim Gardner and Mayor Tishaura O. Jones.

Ann Dorn was first introduced to many Americans at the 2020 RNC when she discussed the criminal actions escalating in our cities because of liberal policies.  Her husband was former St. Louis Police Captain David Dorn who was shot and killed by thugs who were robbing his friend’s shop in the city.  Ann shared this moving story as a result.

Now Ann is warning the world about what is going on in the St. Louis Police Department.  Ann shares today the following:

  • Police Department is way short in personnel – there are around 450 officers short!
  • This year around 70 officers have retired, resigned, or just left.
  • The causes are Kim Gardner, Tishaura Jones, the city government, and a temporary police captain.
  • Kim Garder should be indicted but hasn’t been.  Soros is deep in this.
  • Jones admits she doesn’t care about the police department.
  • The city is corrupt and some of it is going to shock you.
  • They’ve been embezzling for years.
  • Tishaura Jones (St. Louis Mayor) is involved in this.
  • The quality of schools in the city of St. Louis is going down.

We need to do better for our officers.


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