Five & Dive, Episode 259: It’s beginning to look a lot like Correamas…finally

In Episode 259, Patrick and Craig discuss five mostly baseball topics.
Listen to “Episode 259: It’s beginning to look a lot like Correamas…finally” on Spreaker.

  1. Minnesota Nice: Carlos Correa picks door number three.
  2. A Storybook Mending: The Red Sox are going to be down one shortstop themselves.
  3. Denim Belts Are In: Craig isn’t allowed to pick the topic names anymore. Anyway, this is about Brandon Belt signing with Toronto.
  4. Around the Horn: Rounding up the news of the last week, as we do
  5. [whispers to date] That’s Coppy: And Coppy is back in baseball after reinstatement from a lifetime suspension.

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This story originally Appeared on Baseball Prospectus


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