No love like a mother’s love! Garcelle Beauvais certainly faced a more than uncomfortable situation on the latest episodes of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. At Garcelle’s birthday party, an intoxicated Erika Jayne went after Garcelle’s sons. She propositioned her adult son, Oliver Saunders, to have a threesome with his “baby mama.” Those are her words, not mine – Oliver is actually married. By the end of the evening, an ever more intoxicated Erika told Garcelle’s 14 year old son Jax to “get the f–k out of here.” All he was trying to do was bring home one of the flower arrangements for his mom!

Garcelle’s sonS both handled the situation flawlessly, despite Erika’s gross behavior. So Garcelle took to Twitter to praise them for their actions. The proud mom of three tweeted, “This is an appreciation post for my sons Oliver, Jax, & Jaid. You boys make me so proud… you are loving, kind, and respectful. You show respect to people even when they don’t deserve it. Respect is a reflection of your character, not theirs.” She included a sweet picture of the three with their arms around each other in holiday sweaters.

Like her sons, Garcelle was also able to keep her cool in the scenes that she did witness. When Oliver was being verbally accosted, Garcelle came over to usher him out. But she stopped short of telling Erika off, which would have been understandable. Later in her confessional, Garcelle revealed how she felt about the encounter. She stated, “I get it. Let your hair down, have a good time. But this doesn’t feel like that. This feels like, take a moment, reassess your life.” Regarding Erika’s treatment of Jax, Garcelle came back inside to calmly chastise her. Garcelle told her, “Erika you hurt Jax’s feelings. Don’t talk to him like that.  That’s not ok.”

As if that wasn’t bad enough, in a later scene during the episode, Kyle Richards and Dorit Kemsley got together to laugh about Erika’s actions. Specifically about Erika telling Jax to “f–k off.” During a sit down at Kyle’s house with their husbands, the two members of the Fox Force Five laughed over Erika letting loose. Kyle laughed, “I mean it’s not funny, but it is funny. I like seeing this more relaxed side of her.” Said Dorit, “It’s really why I can give like a major pass, and of course it’s not my child, you know so. She had a few drinks. She doesn’t get like that.  I don’t think I can ever remember a time that she was that loose and free.”

Kyle praised Erika’s behavior in her own baffling confessional. Kyle mused, “I can remember, in the first few years I knew Erika, I used to think ‘I wish she would open up more. I wish she would loosen up a little bit.’ Clearly, the Erika that we’ve known all these years has been holding a lot in. So, seeing this side of her, more open and honest, even if she’s not always showing her best side, at least it’s genuine.”

Garcelle was alerted to the scene, which circulated on social media before the episode aired. A fan tweeted Garcelle, asking if she saw the clip. To which Garcelle responded, “Nope, never saw this scene until now.”

After Kyle got dragged all over social media, she tried (and failed) to do damage control. “I didn’t even see Erika say that, I was told the next day. I was laughing at a friend’s drunken behavior as one does sometimes. Nothing to do with disrespecting anyone’s child especially,” Kyle explained.

But that apparently didn’t warrant reaching out to Garcelle to apologize. When Kyle was asked if she reached out to Garcelle, she claimed, “Actually no, because I’m in London. I don’t know what time [it is], it’s 2am or something right now, I’m not even sure.”


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