If you’re scared of flying, there is an easy way to get over it — and it involves jelly.

Pilot Tom Bunn explained that by imagining the air being like jelly, it can help reduce the fear.

He explained in his book “Soar: The Breakthrough Treatment for Fear of Flying” that the air around a plane is “solid-like gelatin” due to the speed.

This is because a plane can be going as fast as 200mph during take off — compared to Brits walking speed of 5mph or a car at 70mph.

He uses the example trying to put your hand out of the window of a car driving at speed, or trying to push water in a swimming pool — both very hard.

This is essentially what the plane is doing when it takes off.

TikToker star Anna Paul explained how this works in a video where she put a balled-up napkin into a cup of jelly.

The napkin, representing the plane, didn’t move, as the jelly, representing the air, keeping it in place.

She shook the cup, to represent turbulence, but it still stayed in place.

Anna said: “It’s not going to automatically fall just because it’s shaking. You do not have to be scared.”

The air around a plane is “solid-like gelatin” due to the speed.

So instead of being scared, they both said, imagine the plane is taking off into jelly to reassure yourself it is safe.

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