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Brewing Hogwarts Legacy potions is an integral part of the school curriculum and a vital tool in your fight against darkness. Potions are small bottles of liquid that imbue the user with various effects when ingested. From Harry Potter lore, these effects vary wildly and are only limited by the creativity of the brewer – growing back broken bones, physical transformations, and even falling in love are not out of the realms of possibility.

During your time in Hogwarts Legacy, you’ll have the chance to attend potion class and whip up a few concoctions of your own. Thankfully, there’s no Professor Snape in sight, but you’re still going to have to keep your concentration levels up. Here is every potion in what could be one of the best PC games this year, Hogwarts Legacy.

How to brew Hogwarts Legacy potions

To brew potions in Hogwarts Legacy, you must collect the required ingredients and take them to the potion station in the Room of Requirement. If you have the recipe and the correct ingredients, you’ll follow a set of quick-time events, which, if performed correctly, will leave you with a bottle of magical elixir.

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Every Hogwarts Legacy potion

We were given a glimpse into potion-making during the Hogwarts Legacy gameplay trailer. It showed that potion class is something you can attend as part of your daily routine in the wizarding school, and while you’re there, you’ll also learn to brew various concoctions to help you survive the outside world.

Here are the Hogwarts Legacy potions so far:

  • Wiggenweld potion: This potion restores a portion of your health bar when consumed.
  • Invisibility potion: Renders you invisible for a short time. According to Harry Potter lore, it can either be consumed or smashed near the user to have the desired effect.
  • Polyjuice potion: Changes the user’s appearance to that of another person.
  • Edurus potion: Creates a rock-like layer over your entire body, increasing defense against melee attacks.
  • Focus potion: This potion reduces the cooldown time on your spells.
  • Felix Felicis: A pre-order exclusive, this potion increases your luck for a short period of time.

Those are the confirmed potions in Hogwarts Legacy so far, with more likely to be added when the Hogwarts Legacy release date rolls by. Considering the sheer amount of potions mentioned in the Harry Potter series, and the scope of open world games in general, it would be surprising if there weren’t more concoctions to brew when the time comes. Sleekeazy’s hair potion to change your style? Pepperup potion to survive a cold climate, perhaps.

Combining your new-found knowledge of Hogwarts Legacy potions with your arsenal of spells and your ever-increasing talents means that nothing can stand in your way. While you’re waiting for the release date, check out how to import your house and wand into Hogwarts Legacy to really personalise your time in the wizarding school.

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