Hogwarts Legacy Sorting Hat explained

The Hogwarts Legacy Sorting Hat is one of the most crucial things to consider when starting off your new life at the Wizarding School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. After all, it decides which house you’ll be a part of, and, therefore, where you spend your time, who you socialise with the most, and which house you will help towards House Cup victory.

One of the biggest questions prospective Hogwarts Legacy players have been asking, then, is how does the Sorting Hat work? Fans of the franchise will remember Harry Potter pleading with the sorting hat not to place him in Slytherin, so will you have any control over your placement in what could be one of the best PC games of the year? Well, while you can use your Wizarding World account to import your House and wand in Hogwarts Legacy, you might instead want a fresh start and are willing to let the game place you, so here’s what we know about the Hogwarts Legacy Sorting Hat.

How does the Hogwarts Legacy Sorting Hat work?

Despite two fantastic gameplay showcases from Warner Bros and Avalanche, little has been officially revealed about the Sorting Hat as yet, perhaps in a bid to keep some fun gameplay details a surprise. What we do know is that the famous talking hat is one of two Hogwarts Legacy characters played by Jason Anthony in the star-studded Hogwarts Legacy cast list. Otherwise, one simple-but-suggestive tweet has teased some potential information about the sorting process.

Reminding us that “the witch or wizard always has the final say as to which house they belong to”, the tweet on the official Hogwarts Legacy feed confirms that you can choose your house in-game. In the comments, we can even see that linking your Pottermore account doesn’t confine you to your existing house, with the official Twitter account stating that, “linking your account doesn’t lock you into any of your choices for house or wand in the game.” So perhaps, like Harry, you’ll be able to plead with the hat to not be placed in a specific house. Or maybe you’ll simply be able to change the answer if you don’t like what you hear. Either way, we’ll still have to wait a little longer to find out exactly how the Sorting Hat decides.

That’s everything we know so far about the Hogwarts Legacy Sorting Hat, and if anything more concrete gets announced between now and the Hogwarts Legacy release date, we’ll be sure to update you. Before you get too excited about which of the Hogwarts Legacy common rooms you’ll be calling home though, make sure you’re ready for the Sorting Hat by taking a look at the Hogwarts Legacy system requirements ahead of your first day at school.

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