‘Would It Kill You to Laugh?’
When to watch: Now, on Peacock.

The comedians John Early and Kate Berlant star in this one-off special, framed as an icy reunion between the stars of a schlocky sitcom called “He’s Gay, She’s Half Jewish.” Meredith Vieira hosts and everything. Most of the sketches here have an arch, breezy nastiness, which often combines with a streak of absurdity; characters pay a restaurant bill with little pots of melted caramel, or a family happens to be anthropomorphic beavers, which has nothing to do with the sketch. If you miss “Portlandia,” or if you’re a finger-on-the-pulse comedy fan, watch this.

‘For All Mankind’
When to watch: Now, on Apple TV+.

Season 3 of this alternative history space-race drama began three weeks ago, and as with Season 1, things got off to a slow start. But also like Season 1, it really picks up! This season jumps to the 1990s, and all our favorite folks are racing to get to Mars. Watching this show is like doing hot yoga for your emotions, not because its scope is so big but because its moments are so tiny and right, its performances so dialed in. This is the series I recommend most often to friends and strangers in real life. Start with Season 1, and make sure you have a person you can send “omg” texts to while you watch.

A lot of streaming shows seem to think of their true serving size as a whole season, but “Mankind” knows that the better amount is one episode. That lends everything an almost throwback vibe in terms of its tight pacing and how many of its episodes end on big, emotional cliffhangers. One of my favorite parts of “Mankind” — among many; I love this show — is that it really feels like TV TV. It’s TV that wants to be TV, not a movie, not a web series, not a comic book. What a rush.

When to watch: Now, on multiple platforms.

The ninth season of this riveting survivalist series is airing Thursdays on History Channel, and the previous seasons are available on pay and free services: Seasons 1-8 are on Hulu, Discovery+ and the Roku Channel; Seasons 1-5 are on Pluto; and Season 8 is on Netflix. I’m not sure there’s a better “I am taking to the couch and not returning until I have some reason to believe in humanity again” show out there, and the skill and determination many contestants demonstrate is a welcome dose of wonder. Prepare to start observing your own natural surroundings in different ways, though.

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