When this couple tied the knot they could never have predicted the amount of hate they would get.

Despite their 30-year age gap they’ve been together for nine years and are now expecting their first baby together.

Mindy, 30, and Larry, 60, met when she was involved in a car accident and her now husband was the officer that attended to the scene.

Speaking to Truly, Mindy said: “We don’t really talk about the age gap much, it’s normal for us and it doesn’t really feel like an age gap.”

However, not everyone feels the same way and when Mindy began including Larry in her videos on YouTube the couple quickly got a lot of vicious comments from trolls.

She explained: “A lot of people were very supportive but we also received a ton of hate and backlash because of the age gap, which was bit of a shock.

“I wasn’t prepared for it, but now I’ve developed a thick skin and I’m fine.”

The couple decided that they wanted a baby in 2020, but since Larry had already had a vasectomy they went down a different route and began IVF.

After several failed rounds of treatment, Mindy finally fell pregnant in December 2021.

The news of the pregnancy only worsened the hate comments, which included: “Sad the baby wont see his dad live long” and “the kids wont have a dad in 5-10 years.”

Some comments are especially cruel.
Youtube / Truly

Some of the comments are more light-hearted but still not in favour of the relationship.

One person quipped: “Does he know how to open a PDF?”

While another simply said: “Nice photo with grandad!”

Things have only got worse since Mindy fell pregnant.
Things have only gotten worse since Mindy became pregnant.
Youtube / Truly

Mindy said: “They’re just keyboard warriors, they wouldn’t say it to our face, but they have no problem typing it.

“The funny thing about the comments are we’ve never had somebody walk up to us and say this in person.”

Despite the harsh comments the pair have no plants to stop posting videos online.

The couple get loads of hate comments online.
The couple gets loads of hate comments online.
Youtube / Truly

Mind explained: “We don’t film video and post pictures for comments, we do it because it’s something that we love to do and we love to share out lives with others and hope that it’s relatable.”

Larry added: “The people that comment and say ‘we really enjoyed your videos’ or ‘I’m having a rough time and you helped me through it’, that’s why we do what we do.”

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