It can be difficult to choose a name for your child – especially if you want them to stand out.

But standing out won’t be an issue for Brittany Davison’s baby, whose name is Seven Simba.

The unusual moniker has seen Brittany receiving some cruel messages from trolls, and has even prompted her to share her son’s birth certificate on TikTok.

But the mum of one insists that if Seven grows up to dislike his name, he can make the decision himself to change it.

In a comment on a video in which Brittany revealed the other names they’d considered before Seven, one person wrote: “ok Simba is a cute character but how did you come up with seven.”

“Just a name we liked! Plus 7 is a significant number in our lives/relationship so it just made sense,” Brittany replied.

“We love it and so do my partner’s other kids.

“Seven is more than welcome to change it if he wants to when he’s older!”

Seven Simba is the baby’s name.

Other people were less complimentary with their comments and questions, with one writing: “there is noo way ur baby is called seven simba.”

“You have got to be joking. You’re really not?…??? Wow,” another added.

“Awful names,” someone else commented, as another wrote: “poor kid gotta grow up with that name rest his life.”

“And you’ll wonder why he changes his name to Steven when he’s 18,” another comment read.

“He’s more than welcome to change his name, the same as someone called Katie might prefer to change their name,” Brittany responded.

The unusual name has seen Brittany receiving some cruel messages from trolls.
The unusual name has seen Brittany receiving some cruel messages from trolls.

As for the other names they’d thought about, Brittany revealed they’d considered “Teddy, Blu, Phoenix, Mowgli and Killian”.

“My daughters nickname is mowgli,” someone else wrote.

“Love it!!! I was set on Mowgli being his middle name but my partner said he preferred Simba,” Brittany answered.

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