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Jane McDonald has been all over the globe on cruise ships. In Channel 5’s Cruising with Jane McDonald, she joined a luxury Danube river cruise.

Jane was travelling on the Amaverde, a 5* ship from APT with four decks, capable of carrying 160 passengers.

As soon as she boarded in Budapest, Jane was impressed, exclaiming: “Well, this is rather fabulous!”

Her luxury room included champagne and fresh flowers and there were even two balconies to admire the views of the river.

The elegant cabin was a world away from Jane’s room as a crew member, which she described as “about the size of a wardrobe!”

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Jane’s Danube adventure started in the evening which the cruise expert said she generally preferred.

She told viewers: “An evening sail away like this gives you time to unpack, freshen up in that king size bathroom and then emerge on deck.

“Look at how beautiful Budapest is at night. It’s a completely different atmosphere, it’s magical.”

The incredible ship included a plunge pool and putting course but there was one activity that Jane couldn’t wait to experience.


She said: “The Captain’s Table is always the place to go. That was the seat to get. But the Chef’s Table has absolutely taken over from that now.

“Because the chef, I think, is the most important person on the ship. Sorry to captains all over the world!

“The Chef’s Table is the best of the best food and the best of the best wines that you will get.”

The exclusive experience can seat up to 24 diners but guests can only do it once per cruise trip.

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Jane said: “It pays to book it as soon as you board to secure a place. Amazingly, you don’t have to pay anything extra for this experience, it’s all included in the price.”

The chef cooked a delicious six course tasting menu and each course was paired with its own wine.

As Jane joined the other guests at the table she said: “I love this new Chef’s Table now, because the poor Captain used to have to have dinner with so many people.”

Later on in her trip, Jane got an early start to see one of the Danube’s most impressive sights.

As the ship passed through the imposing Iron Gates, a naturally occurring gap in the river, Jane could see Serbia and Romania on each side of the bank.

Unfortunately for Jane, she had to head up to the top deck at 5:30am to see it and joined other guests in her dressing gown.

She said: “It’s breathtaking. The view is absolutely stunning. The Danube is just amazingly tranquil and peaceful and calm. Even if it isn’t actually blue. If that doesn’t make you feel good, then there’s something wrong with you!”

Jane explored Budapest, Bratislava, Belgrade and several other intriguing Danube spots on her cruise.

This story originally Appeared on Express.co.uk


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