Lara Trump claimed that protesters interrupting Brett Kavanaugh’s dinner was domestic terrorism, just like the Capitol attack.

Video of Lara Trump on Hannity:

Trump said, “You know, this is domestic terrorism what is happening in this country, and where is the AG? Where is the DOJ, the FBI? They’re allowing this to happen.”

The protesters will not be arrested because they have a First Amendment right to protest Justice Kavanaugh. Having dinner interrupted at a steakhouse is not the same as killing police officers and trying to hang the vice president while attempting to overthrow the government.

The Trump family and its Fox News helpers like Sean Hannity are trying to redefine domestic terrorism to water it down so that the term loses its impact in reference to the 1/6 attack.

A domestic terrorist attack was carried out against the United States of America by allies of Donald Trump. There is no comparison between that and people protesting a Supreme Court justice for a ruling that will kill women in the United States.

Protesters are not domestic terrorists, but the people who killed police officers and breached the Capitol to keep Donald Trump in power are.

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