It’s show number five out of 10 (and counting) for Maná at the Kia Forum in Los Angeles, where the iconic Mexican band is currently playing monthly as part of an ambitious residency.

Billboard hasn’t been to any of the other four shows (which took place in March and April), but on Friday (June 24), it seemed as if Fher, Alex, Sergio and Juan were setting foot for the first time ever at a venue that’s seen them make history over and over again.



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At 9:30 p.m. local time, Maná took the stage and their energy was unmatched. Well, maybe the only ones that could match the energy were the fans who patiently waited for the group to appear and, in the meantime, sang along to whatever the house DJ was playing. “You guys came with your batteries charged,” Maná’s frontman, Fher, said. “And we love to see that so many kids are here. It’s great to see all the Mexicans and Latinos here. A huevo!”

For a band that’s been successfully touring for more three decades, it’s only safe to say that the crowd was composed of multigenerational fans: the ones who’ve been following them since “Oye Mi Amor” became an anthem in the ’90s to a new generation of fans that’s discovered their music thanks to re-imagined versions of their biggest hits, which feature artists such as Christian Nodal and Sebastián Yatra. “I’m honestly really happy to be here once again in this celebration. We’re alive after that awful thing we lived through. Cheers to you all,” Fher added.

In November, the chart-topping rockeros announced an unprecedented residency at the Kia Forum, making it the only venue and only city where fans will be able to see the top-selling Latin rock band perform this year. The residency marks the grand return of Maná to the Forum where, in 2019, the group broke the record as the first and only act to sell out seven dates there as part of a single tour since the venue’s reopening in 2014.

Produced by Live Nation, new dates will be added to the residency on a rolling basis until fans stop buying. But even the people sitting nearby were already talking about purchasing tickets to “the next show” — because clearly, fans can’t get enough of Maná.

Maná’s concerts are just that special. When you go to one of their concerts, you don’t go because you expect the typical flashy fireworks, fancy lights or an over-the-top production (that’s not to say the production quality isn’t there). Rather, you go to feel alive — whether it’s through Fher’s delivery of anthems that have marked a generation, Alex’s cathartic drum solo that calls for a standing ovation or Sergio and Juan’s hypnotizing guitar skills. Or maybe you just go to sing “yo te lloré todo un río, ahora llórame un mar” at the top of your lungs and feel communal emotional relief.

“In reality, Los Angeles is just another city of our Mexico chingón,” Fher offered. “Thanks to your hard work and your culture, you’ve earned this city. This city belongs to the Mexicans and all the Latinos that live here.”

Maná played for two hours singing back-to-back hits, such as “Como Te Deseo,” “Rayando el Sol,” “Me Vale” and “De Pies a Cabeza.” While they performed for the majority of the time at the main stage, they had a makeshift second stage toward the other end of the venue where they sang a medley of “Te Solté la Rienda,” “El Reloj Cucú,” “Te Lloré un Río” and “Eres Mi Religión.”

Maná’s residency at the Kia Forum continues with upcoming shows in July and September. Check here for dates. Below, see the band’s June 24 set list — but, as Fher previously told Billboard, no two days will be the same during the residency.

“Como Te Deseo”
“De Pies a Cabeza”
“Corazón Espinado”
“Labios Compartidos”
“Dónde Jugarán los Niños?”
“Vivir Sin Aire”
“Bendita Tu Luz”
“Mariposa Traicionera”
“Oye Mi Amor”
“El Rey”
“Como un Perro Enloquecido”
“Me Vale”
“Te Solté la Rienda”
“El Reloj Cucú”
“Te Lloré un Río”
“Eres Mi Religión”
“En El Muelle de San Blas”
“Clavado en Un Bar”
“Rayando el Sol”

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