Newly inducted Songwriters Hall of Fame honoree Mariah Carey is getting her very own Spotify Songwriter Page, the streaming service tells Billboard. As with all such pages on the platform, Carey’s will feature a “Written By” playlist of her songs.

In addition to writing or co-writing many of her own mega-hits including “All I Want for Christmas is You,” “We Belong Together,” “Always Be My Baby” and “Fantasy,” Carey is also credited on songs by artists including Bryson Tiller (“Don’t”), Drake (“Emotionless”) and slowthai (“Feel Away” feat. James Blake and Mount Kimbie), which sample her work. All of these are included on her “Written By” playlist.

Spotify launched Songwriter Pages in February 2020 in an effort to promote and highlight hitmakers on the platform. At the time, the pages were billed as “a new way for fans, collaborators and industry partners to dive deeper into the creators behind their favorite songs” and to aid songwriter discovery. In December 2020, Spotify followed that up with a Songwriters Hub which encompasses all of its Written By playlists, other popular songwriting playlists, podcasts focused on songwriting and sections for featured songwriters, among other elements.

Other major names who have received Spotify Songwriter Pages include Missy Elliott, Miles Davis, Justin Tranter, Meghan Trainor, Wheezy Beats (Young Thug, Future, Drake), Shelly Peiken (Christina Aguilera, Bebe Rexha, Jessie J) and Alizzz (Piso 21, Rosalía).

The streaming service claims that since it began publicly displaying song credits on Spotify in 2018, it’s seen a 60% increase in how often labels and distributors credit songwriters on their new releases.

To celebrate her Songwriters Hall of Fame induction and Spotify Songwriter Page, Carey spoke with the streaming service’s Noteable blog to talk about her creative process and more. “These songs are also like my children to me,” she said in the interview. “They are creations that lift my spirits. [They] have helped me get through the worst of times and helped me celebrate the best of times. Really, I don’t know who I would be without this gift of song.”

Carey also shared that she likes to “light incense and candles” before songwriting sessions and that she often stops “doing whatever I’m doing” to jot down a lyric or “sing an idea” into her phone when inspiration strikes. “Or if it’s a really, really, really special one for me, I don’t forget it,” she said. “I put it in the back of my mind, and those are usually more of the spiritual songs.”

When asked what advice she would give to herself at the beginning of her career, Carey answered in part, “I guess I would just say, beware of snakes in the grass in this industry and be true to yourself. Write from a place of realness whenever you can. Don’t give up, don’t ever ever let go, and make it happen.”

You can check out Carey’s Songwriter Page here, her “Written By” playlist here and read the full interview here.

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