In the wake of Billboard‘s report that Meek Mill has parted ways with Roc Nation Management, the chart-topping rapper took to Twitter to issue some clarifications.

“All I seen today was meek and roc part ways,” he tweeted Monday (July 11). “…I’m personally handling my own business so I can take risk and grow ..we came to that agreement together.” The rapper continued that he’s still tied to the larger Roc Nation company, including a label deal for his Dreamchasers imprint, his work with Reform Alliance — a non-profit organization he created with Roc Nation founder Jay-Z that’s set on eliminating unjust sentencing laws in the United States — as well as “many other investments” with Hov.


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In another tweet posted minutes later, Meek continued that he doesn’t want his very public issues with his label, Atlantic Records, conflated with his departure from Roc Nation Management. “And roc nation is my family don’t mix my post aimed at Atlantic mixed up with roc or MMG …they ain’t stop nothing I’m doing we made about a 100m together des mike and Hov saved my life b4 And put a lot of energy into it I’m not behind on my favors in life wit my people I’m good.”

The rapper, who expressed his frustrations with Atlantic earlier this year by tweeting in part the label “didn’t put nothing into” his Billboard 200 No. 3 album, Expensive Pain, “and then said I can’t drop another project for 9 months at the end of my contract after I made them 100’s of millions ….. how would can anybody survive that … most rappers can’t speak because they depend on these companies ‘I don’t.’”

Meek continued lambasting Atlantic on Monday, tweeting that despite being signed with “Atlantic/MMG since 2014” while the label was under Warner Records, he only made $11 million of “like a 100m.” He also reiterated that he “only could drop [new music] every 9 months something a lawyer never explained to me and they removed me from all festivals also.”

While not too thrilled with his label dealings as of late, Mill said he’s confident he can rebound, adding in another tweet, “Luckily I built my money and resources up they woulda starved me out…. Ima make that 11 million dollars one project … s— might be sponsored by a bank or one of my friends! Let’s see what happens lol.”

Meek, who first signed a management deal with Roc Nation in 2012, is no longer featured on the company’s website and has been removed from its social media pages.

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