In a Tennessee speech, Trump showed his fear while claiming that MSNBC is dying as their hearing coverage crushes Fox News.

Video of Trump:

Trump said:

The attorney general in Arizona came up with look at the report that the audit committee came up with massive fraud. And then the papers don’t want to write about it. Because they’re complicit. They’re every bit as guilty as the radical left. Democrats. Every bit as guilty. But maybe it’s turning. I hear that CNN is turning nobody watching them. 

They’re saying we have no choice. We have to turn nobody’s watching CNN. MSNBC is dying. MSDNC sorry. With his unhinged insurrection hoax that we’re all going through now.

MSNBC Is Crushing Fox In 1/6 Hearing Ratings

MSNBC drew millions more viewers than Fox for their first night of 1/6 Committee hearing coverage, and they followed that up by drawing three times as many viewers as Fox News for day two.

Trump is telling these lies because he is scared.

His strategy to use Fox News to counterprogram against the hearings has been a complete failure. Tens of millions of people are watching a compelling case that Donald Trump tried to steal an election and broke the law.

Fox News has failed Trump. He is losing and trying to hide his fear with the most absurd lies imaginable.

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