A new video was released this weekend that shows the girlfriend of career criminal Austin Simon’s tried to stab Jose Alba during the struggle.

Jose Alba was charged with murder after he stabbed Austin Simon to death during the confrontation.

But now we know Simon’s girlfriend also attacked Jose Alba and that Alba as stabbed by the girlfriend.

Alba was stabbed twice in each arm by Austin Simon’s girlfriend.

The Daily Mail reported:

New surveillance footage has emerged of bodega worker Jose Alba, 61, trying to fend off the gangster he stabbed to death and his girlfriend as the pair attacked him in his store in a row over a $3 bag of chips.

Alba has been charged with second degree murder for the incident on July 1.

He used the store’s boxcutter to stab Austin Simon in the neck and chest after he charged into the store wearing a $350 Amiri t-shirt, demanding that Alba apologize to his girlfriend.

She had tried to buy a bag of chips but her EBT card was declined as she tried to pay for them. Alba refused to let her have the chips which sent her running in a rage to call her boyfriend for back-up.

The girlfriend has not been charged, despite video clearly showing her stabbing Alba in the arm.

This was all over a bag of chips.

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