It was like something out of a buddy-cop comedy.

A one-handed Texas cop is being hailed a hero online after collaring a suspected carjacker following a bonkers foot chase.

Bodycam footage capturing the comedy of errors is currently blowing up on Facebook.

During the hilarious pursuit, his apparently out-of-shape partner couldn’t keep up, becoming so winded that a good Samaritan volunteered to give him a lift. However, he still arrived at the scene after his partner, who had already taken the perp down and cuffed him — single-handedly.

“The driver decided to run, however, a citizen helped out, and we caught the bad guy,” reads the caption to the original Facebook clip, which was posted Sunday by the White Settlement Police Department.

The hijinks reportedly occurred June 18 after WSPD officers Cpl. J. Porter and Samuel Brown, who has only one hand, responded to reports of a stolen vehicle sighted in the 700 block of South Cherry Lane in the Fort Worth suburb, ABC reported.

Officer Samuel Brown continued on in hot pursuit of the alleged carjacker.
White Settlement Police Departme

However, when officers tried to stop the car, the suspect jumped out of the automobile and fled the scene.

Accompanying footage, filmed by Porter’s bodycam, captured the two officers hoofing it after the T-shirt-clad perp on foot through the suburban streets.

However, it became quickly apparent that Brown could easily best his colleague in the cardio department. After a short chase, Porter, audibly huffing and puffing into the mic, started slowing down as both his nimbler partner and the suspected thief left the exhausted copper in the dust.

A samaritan comes to the aid of a winded Corporal Porter.
A good Samaritan came to the aid of a winded officer Porter.
White Settlement Police Departme

Salvation arrived for Porter in the shape of a blue-car driving good Samaritan, who offered to give the fatigued officer a ride — like a law enforcement-specific Lyft.

“I appreciate it,” said a grateful Porter, before giving the kind-hearted motorist directions to where the suspect was spotted.

Shortly thereafter, he arrived at the scene, where he discovered that his partner had already taken down and cuffed the perp.

“Had to get taxied, don’t mind me,” Porter quipped while watching his buddy one-handedly apprehend the alleged car thief.

Officer Samuel apprehends the perp singe-handedly.
Officer Brown apprehended the perp single-handedly — both in the literal and figurative sense.
White Settlement Police Departme

Brown said that he burst out laughing when he saw his partner step out of the car.

“I look over my shoulder, trying to see who’s coming up on me, and then I see Porter jump out of the car,” the amused policeman told ABC. “It was pretty funny.”

WSPD has since thanked the good man on Facebook, writing: “Whoever this man was…. a big thank you!!! Together, WSPD and our Community, we are strong.”

The Samaritan, who has been identified as a security guard named Jimmy Davis, said he had decided to aid the officer after witnessing the chase.

“My instincts just kicked in,” the quick-thinking makeshift chauffeur said, per ABC. “I was glad I was at the right place at the right time. I did what I had to, and I would do it again.” 

Meanwhile, accused carjacker Joshua Taylor Brown, 31, has been booked on multiple charges — including evading arrest and unauthorized use of a vehicle — while the stolen car was returned to its rightful owner.

A mugshot of accused car-jacker Joshua Taylor Brown, 31.
A mugshot of accused car-jacker Joshua Taylor Brown, 31.

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