“It is the sleeper issue of our time,” he added. (Peggy Sweeney, Sarasota, Fla., and Marjorie Ivey, St. Louis)

Also in The Post, Olivier Knox wrote: “President Biden is off today to New York and the annual diplomatic cacophony that is the United Nations General Assembly — call it the UNGA din.” (Conrad Macina, Landing, N.J.)

In The Minneapolis Star Tribune, the columnist James Lileks explained the impetus for a recent drive around the state: “Summer felt like a coupon that expires tomorrow, and I wanted to cash it in.” (Rudy Brynolfson, Minneapolis)

In Politico, Teresa Wiltz described growing up as a Black girl where just about everybody else was white as being “a lone raisin in a sea of oatmeal.” (Mark White, Shoreline, Wash.)

In The Adirondack Explorer, Tim Rowland recalled his mental bedlam upon taking the wrong turn during a hike: “These thoughts idly clacked off of each other like wayward billiard balls, but none dropped into the right pocket.” (Bill Callen, Selkirk, N.Y.)

The Times was the source of most of your nominations, several of which recognized what reliable geysers of great writing our book-focused critics and writers are. Here’s Dwight Garner on “Life’s Work,” by the screenwriter David Milch: “Writing dialogue as sharply as he does, his book suggests, requires a heroin habit straight out of a Denis Johnson short story, a ruinous gambling addiction, an ability to stretch deadlines to their dissolving point, an ego that can shatter buffet platters at 30 feet, and a knack for making others love you and want you poisoned at the same time.” (Marisa Caggiano Marsey, Virginia Beach, Va., and Ginny Matish, Chesapeake, Va.)

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