A single dad has taken to TikTok to admit that people like him until they find out he’s got kids — and they’ll always be his main priority.

Shawn posted a video on the social media site which began: “People like me until they find out…”

His first admission was that he doesn’t want his “woman to work.”

Next, he said that he’s “OCD” so “can’t sleep with a dirty house.”

And thirdly, Shawn told TikTok fans that he’s a “single dad and my kids come first.”

However, his list divided opinion among people taking to the comments section — with many having an issue with the “red flag” of him not wanting his other half to work.

“The not being able to generate my own money would be a problem for me,” one wrote.

“May you find her.”

While another added: “can you tell us why you don’t want her to work?

The dad said first that he doesn’t want his “woman to work.”

“That seems like a red flag of possessiveness and if y’all don’t work out she is stuck with nothing.”

“Don’t want your woman to work and kids come first? best wishes,” someone else harshly wrote.

But others praised Shawn for having his priorities in order.

The dad said that he's "OCD" so "can’t sleep with a dirty house."
The dad said that he’s “OCD” so “can’t sleep with a dirty house.”

“Kids should always come first. I’m a single mom.. the other should just fall into place – we will see whose more OCD when cleaning,” one wrote.

“Nothing wrong with any of that,” another added.

While a third weighed in: “Kids are always number one no matter what age. mine are 23&29 and they are my priority.

“I like how you said that – speaks volumes.”

This story originally appeared on The Sun and was reproduced here with permission.

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