The sign was displayed en-route to Polkerris Beach, in Cornwall, as the car park had reached full capacity by early Sunday afternoon. One local woman tweeted saying that “most” people were ignoring the clearly visible sign, which warned visitors to park in the overflow car park. Otherwise, they risked getting stuck trying to turn around if they tried to drive down to the beach itself. 

She said: “Most ignored sign of the day. The car park is definitely full and they’re still driving down.”

According to Cornwall Live, one person called it standard practice in the area, while another said: “It takes some skill to read and believe a sign whilst driving. Not all have that skill.”

Another said: “You can’t fix stupid! I’d love to be on the beach at Porthcurno today but just the thought of parking put me off so sticking with the garden.”

Porthcurno and Polkerris are just two of many beauty spots that have single-track roads and difficult access – causing problems on particularly sunny days where beaches are in high demand. In fact, parking at Porthcurno, in West Cornwall, is often referred to as predatory with people moving cones to park and blocking emergency services from accessing the beach in the process.

One review for Polkerris on TripAdvisor said: “Really bad for parking if your disabled don’t bother steep single track road where the motorist’s don’t have a clue how to drive on carpark is 600 meters away from beach and rammed.”

Another review said: “We went to Polkerris Beach in mid-summer when it was very busy. There is a smal car park nearby which is diffuclt to drive round as it is full of large potholes. In the summer, if you don’t get there early it will be full. You can drop off near to the beach but you might then get stuck in grid-locked traffic.

“There was an alternative car park in a field about 1/4 mile away – there was an honesty box where you pay on exit. From there there is a walk down a uneven and quite steep path to the beach – OK for young people with good shoes who don’t have much to carry.” 

Despite this, many reviews praised the beautiful scenery found at the location, as well as the services available, including pubs, cafes, and water-sport equipment rentals.

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