Retiring Never-Trump Representative Fred Upton (R-MI) joined CNN on Sunday to continue his attacks on President Trump.

Upton, who voted for impeachment, told CNN that President Trump “will be hard to stop” if he seeks the GOP presidential nomination in 2024.

Steve Bannon weighed in on GETTR.

Rep. Upton believes the Jan. 6 hearings will resonate with Republicans.

The Examiner reported:

Former President Donald Trump “will be hard to stop” if he seeks the GOP presidential nomination in 2024, says a retiring Republican congressman who voted in favor of impeachment after the Capitol riot.

Rep. Fred Upton (R-MI) told CNN on Sunday he firmly believes Trump will run and be a strong candidate, even as he argued that the Jan. 6 committee’s findings will increasingly resonate with moderate GOP voters, as well as independents.

“I have said from the beginning, I think that Donald Trump is going to be a candidate in ’24. The voters still like him a lot,” Upton said on State of the Union. “We see that certainly in Michigan. He’s had a number of decisive wins where he’s endorsed candidates [who] have won. He’s had a few losses as well, but he certainly entertains a majority of the Republican base and will be hard to stop. And, frankly, as we look at the economy, we look at gas prices, all these different things, folks are not really happy with the Biden administration, which is why he is mired at a level even below where Donald Trump was at this point in his tenure.”

Fred Upton recently voted for Red Flag Laws — he wants to take your guns on his way out the door.

Here is Fred Upton from Sunday.

He’s working for a gig on the liberal fake news.

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