Due to staff shortages, many airlines have struggled to meet demand this summer. British tourists have had to face long queues at security and at check-in.

Simon Calder shared a couple of top tips with the BBC Travel Show which could help tourists beat the chaos.

He said: “Choose your day of travel carefully. For holiday flights, Saturday and Sunday are in strongest demand.

“With Friday and Monday also busy. Tuesday and Wednesday are likely to see the lowest fares and the thinnest crowds.”

Mid-week flights are usually cheaper and airports are normally far less busy during the week than at the weekend.

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Simon added: “I hope some of those ideas have stimulated your travel appetite” adding “where there’s a will, there’s a way”.

If tourists are heading off to the airport this Bank Holiday weekend, the expert team at eShores and blogger The Yorkshire Dad have shared their top tips to beat the queues.

Karl Young, The Yorkshire Dad, said: “Exploring what the airport has to offer has been an effective way of killing time when travelling with kids.

“Whether it’s plane spotting, a walk around Duty-Free of trying to find the most obscure toys, the lounges can offer a welcome distraction for children of any age.”

e-Shores added: “There’s nothing worse than arriving at your destination, finding out your case has been lost and spending the rest of your holiday without any luggage.

“However, you can take steps when packing to reduce the chance of being caught short without your holiday clothes.

“If you’re travelling as a family, rather than packing one suitcase per person, spread your clothes and personal belongings across all your suitcases, with a few of everyone’s items in each.

“This way, if one suitcase goes missing, you’ll still have access to some of your clothes and essentials in another.”

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