Stefon Diggs, social media react to jarring Power Slap somersault KO

After a one-week delay due to reasons Dana White would rather we not discuss, the UFC president’s new Power Slap league made its television debut on TBS last night (Weds., Jan. 18, 2023).

What could possibly go wrong?

Nevertheless, it was not a live event. The show was filmed months ago, featuring a The Ultimate Fighter (TUF)-style format where everyone has to live in a house together for weeks as Power Slap showdowns occur. None of that was featured in the debut episode, which weeded out a bunch of weak-cheeked men and women from the competition.

White has said in the past that he feels like slapping competitions have a high capacity to generate viral content, and we’re not even one day removed from the first episode airing so who knows if something will catch on and start generating millions of views.

Thus far, the biggest ripple online Power Slap has made was via Buffalo Bills wide receiver, Stefon Diggs, who didn’t sound impressed when he shared his first Instagram story about the event.

“What am I watching?” he wrote over the video, which showed Kortney Olson get slapped so senseless by Sheena Bathory that she fell forward into a somersault. “I never watch TV any more, only Netflix and this what be on TV Jesus Christ.”

It’s not exactly a resounding endorsement, but Power Slap’s social media account quickly picked up on it.

Four Instagram stories about Power Slap later, and Diggs sounded like he was getting into it. Others watching? Not so much …

Numerous people have been troubled by the unprotected element of Power Slap and the concussions that will come out of it.

Some have made no bones about trying to get the show canceled:

Others defended it!

Here’s some more reactions to the event from around social media …

So what did you think of the inaugural Power Slap event on TBS, Maniacs?

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