The Texas GOP convention booed Sen. John Cornyn so viciously that his speech could not be heard, all because he worked with Democrats on gun control.

Video of Cornyn being booed:

Another clip of Cornyn from a different source:

Interestingly, Cornyn tried to sell his work on gun control as stopping Biden from implementing bans and his agenda on guns. The audience wasn’t buying it.

When the pundit class talks about political polarization, they mean the polarization within both parties, but scenes like the one that played out at the Texas Republican convention don’t happen at Democratic events.

The polarization and rigidity exist within the Republican Party to such an extreme degree that anyone who steps over the line to work with the other side of the aisle becomes public enemy number one.

The gun control proposal that Cornyn is working on is mild, but to Texas Republicans, he is a heretic.

The problem isn’t both sides in American politics, as the Texas GOP convention demonstrates, the problem is in the Republican Party.

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