That ‘90s Show Review: An Utterly Hilarious Blast from the Past

Netflix’s That ‘90s Show has tons of funny moments filled with nostalgia that serves as an excellent spin-off series of the iconic That ‘70s Show. The all-new series follows the same format as the original as the story takes place in an entirely new decade with new teenagers in everyone’s favorite basement. The Forman household and several other key locations in Point Place have been fantastically recreated for That ’90s Show, while the majority of the original cast members return for cameos. Series lead, Callie Haverda, pulls off an impressive performance on-screen as she easily establishes influence of both Donna and Eric onto her character, while it was a hilarious time watching Red and Kitty adapt to the ever-changing society by being introduced to newer technology. That ‘90s Show plays into the ‘90s very well with its music and the subtle call-outs to Glamour Shots, snap bands, Blockbuster, and yes, the internet.

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