The 10 Best Martial Arts Movies of All Time, Ranked

We all love a good fight scene – think of the visceral combat, weighty blows, and exquisite choreography of The Matrix or Mission Impossible: Fallout. The brawls of these and other Hollywood blockbusters can trace their lineage to the legendary martial arts films of China, Thailand, Indonesia, and elsewhere. The Matrix in particular was directly inspired by Shaolin kung fu and Tai Chi, as noted by GQ, and the Wachowskis hired famed Hong Kong choreographer Yuen Woo-ping to coordinate its fight sequences. For this list, we want to pay homage to the great kung fu, wuxia, muay thai, and other martial art films from around the world, films that awe us with their stunt work and their intense portrayals of hand-to-hand combat. These are the best martial arts movies of all time, ranked.

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