A TikToker has revealed a useful insight for safer and more effective use of a Gmail account.

Get a step ahead of spam and untrustworthy sites that sell your data with this technology hack.

There are an estimated 1.5 billion active Gmail accounts online.

Many people have multiple accounts for dividing professional and personal emails — but a TikTok hack can enable you to get more use out of just one account.

“Your Gmail account has unlimited variations,” the video said.

Simply add a “+” and a word to your Gmail address before the “@gmail.com” and Google will funnel all mail to the same inbox.

Gmail effectively ignores what comes after the “+” in an email address, giving you an organization tool for cases where you must share your email.

“Say you’re registering for a new online service. Instead of using your original Gmail address, add a plus and the name of the service as the alias you’re using for their website,” the TikTok advises.

Spam emails will have your new, slightly altered email address in the digital signature.

That way, “you know exactly who is selling your data, and who not to trust with your personal information.”

The “+” hack also works for Outlook and iCloud email accounts.

It’s a useful trick for locating emails in a flooded inbox — search for your alias account and all related emails will appear.

Inboxes get crowded easily — we all have a friend with tens of thousands of emails cluttering their desktop.

Keep your inbox organized and clean with the plus tool.

This story originally appeared on the Sun and was reproduced here with permission.

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