In a new video, The Lincoln Project called out Fox News, Steve Bannon, and the Republican Party for supporting Putin.


The video announced in a Russian-sounding voice that said, “We have much gratitude and thanks for Fox News, most especially, Comrade Tucker Carlson. For his loyalty, will receive highest Russian honor, the Order of Lenin.”

The real kicker comes at the close of the clip, “Russia waits forty years for American Republicans to throw away disgrace of Ronald Reagan. Republicans say they stand for America. Comrade Putin knows better.”

Leave it to a group of former Republicans to know how to make the GOP’s support for Putin and betrayal of America stand out.

Republicans in the House are speaking at white nationalist conferences where Putin’s invasion of Ukraine is being cheered.

The Republican Party has sold itself out to Putin, and The Lincoln Project is delivering the message in a loud and clear way that every American should have no trouble understanding.


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