The Purge: How the TV Series is More Horrifying Yet Relatable Than the Movies

The dystopia that writer James DeMonaco created has left audiences speechless since 2013. The Purge storyline is created based on the idea that for 12 consecutive hours, every year, the citizens of the United States of America recognize a “holiday” where almost all crime, including murder, is legal. While the results of the event leave behind dead bodies, broken-into buildings, and a whole hoard of disastrous wreckage, the US government happily announces that unemployment, poverty, and crime is at an all-time low the rest of the year. This statement alone makes the NFFA, New Founding Fathers of America, proud to continue on with the horrifying holiday. Each of the five Purge movies do a fair job building on this foundation of decriminalization, but the television series, The Purge, allows for the creation of more intricate storylines and character dynamics.

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