While TikTok star Miranda Derrick’s family insists she is being held captive by a religious cult, the 25-year-old keeps on dancing.

Derrick — whose maiden name is Wilking — built a successful TikTok dance account with her sister, Melanie Wilking, under the username @wilkngssister until 2021 when the siblings split and Miranda signed with 7M management.

The entertainment management firm was created by former Shekinah Church founder Robert Shinn, who in 2009 was sued by former church member Lydia Chung for allegedly cutting her off from her family, brainwashing her and defrauding her out of property and funds worth $3.8 million.

The Wilkings now allege that Miranda is a victim of similar behavior. The church is believed by some — including her family — to be a cult.

According to a previous report, she has been “brainwashed” by Shinn.

“Someone’s controlling their lives,” Derrick’s sister, Melanie Wilking, said on Instagram Live on Feb. 24.

“It’s been haunting us for over a year now. It’s definitely been the hardest year of my life,” said Melanie, alongside her family, in an interview with the Times UK. “Miranda is a part of a religious group and she’s not allowed to speak to us.”

Her family claims they didn’t even know she married fellow dancer and 7M member James Derrick in 2021.

In addition, they say their daughter also refused to return to Michigan in January for her grandfather’s funeral. Her parents said they flew out to LA right after to see Miranda for themselves, saying the daughter that stood in front of them was “totally different.” They said it was odd that Derrick would cut off and block her family, especially since the sisters were “attached at the hip.”

People have linked 7M, which is believed to target dancers, and the “Seven Mountain Mandate,” a conservative Christian movement accused of seeking to take control of family, religion, education, media, entertainment, business and government endeavors.

But Shinn’s representative told the Times UK that his church and organization have nothing to do with the movement. In addition, the spokesperson denied claims that Shinn exerts control over others.

“At no time did Dr. Shinn isolate anyone, limit anyone’s diet, force anyone to run or control anyone’s bank account,” the representative said. “Dr. Shinn does not believe or inspire the prosperity doctrine.”

However, one expert suggested to the Times that there is a direct link between the Shekinah Church and the Seven Mountain Mandate.

“These people want money and power… that’s their agenda,” said Steven Hassan, a mental health counselor with decades of experience dealing with cults.

Meanwhile, the family has not given up hope about getting Derrick back — something she doesn’t think is a problem to begin with. Derrick has slammed her family’s public pleas to leave 7M.

“It is pathetic and contemptible to try to turn her private family matters into a tawdry public scandal for clicks and clout,” Derrick and her husband said in a statement after the family posted a tearful message to Instagram on Miranda’s birthday on Feb. 24, 2022.

“We’re living in fear,” her dad, Dean, said in the 39-minute update.

“As a mom, I don’t know if she’s safe,” Kelly said, crying. “I just want to hug her.”

To unknowing social media followers, Derrick seems to be doing OK. On Thursday, she was all smiles in a TikTok where she danced along to a sound bite by Dory from “Finding Nemo.” In a post prior to that, she attended the YouTube Shorts Beauty Fest Brunch in West Hollywood.

Miranda Derrick
Derrick appears to be doing well on her social media accounts despite her family’s belief that she’s been “brainwashed” by a religious cult.

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