Timothee Chalamet feels left out of Apple TV+ in new ad

Chalamet wants his own Apple TV+ show

After Jon Hamm got cast in an Apple TV+ show, everyone in Hollywood seems to have an Apple series — except Timothee Chalamet.

Chasing down a similar theme to “Everyone but Jon Hamm,” a new Apple TV+ ad called “Call Me” features Timothee Chalamet feeling left out of Apple’s success. The short ad shows him viewing Apple TV+ content at different moments, thinking out loud about how he’d be able to perform each role.

One moment in the ad, Chalamet receives a call from Jason Momoa, who shares that he’s just wrapped on his new Apple show. Chalamet asks, “wait, you have a new Apple show?” and Momoa responds, “at this point, who doesn’t?”

This story originally Appeared on AppleInsider


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