The Real Housewives of Dubai might be the newest edition to the franchise, but they’re killing it. The new wives are knocking it out of the park, and Caroline Stanbury is bringing her classic drama back to Bravo. The show has something for everyone, but if you like drama, it has an extra special amount for you.

Phaedra Parks Arrives In Dubai

Thank you, Caroline Brooks, for bringing Phaedra Parks back to Bravo. I understand the gravity of what she did to Kandi Burruss, but a lot of time has passed. As long as they aren’t on the same show or interacting, I don’t see a problem with it. That being said, in no way, shape, or form do I condone the past actions of Phaedra.

Phaedra’s known people in Brooks’ family for many years, so the connection is genuine. It would be cool if this connection could continue enough to get Phaedra on this cast, and they could use another wife with the shade and humor she brings.

Phaedra knows the money is good in Dubai, so she wants to expand her brand there. It’s the perfect opportunity for her to introduce herself to a new generation of Housewives fans. Her chemistry with Brooks is phenomenal, and they seem like genuine pals.

Phaedra was HERE for the tea about the drama between Lesa Milan and Stanbury, which is another reason, she needs to join. Her comedic commentary is precisely what this show needs to catapult it to the next level. Dubai is good, but there’s still a feeling of missing something. Perhaps Phaedra is the missing key ingredient in the formula of success.

Lesa Vs. Stanbury Heats Up

Lesa Milan Real Housewives Of Dubai

The feud between Lesa and Stanbury is heating up thanks to comments to Sergio. It’s not appropriate to say that you hope your “friend” gives your husband oral sex; if everyone’s into it, that’s one thing. However, Lesa is not.

Lesa and Stanbury aren’t in the best place, so why rock the boat with a comment like that? All it did was further escalate an already unstable situation. One step forward, five steps back!

Stanbury thinks Lesa is the puppet master behind Chanel Ayan, but I disagree. Nobody pulls Ayan’s strings, and she’s never afraid to speak her own mind and truth, and she has a sense of her own. Period. DOT!

Stanbury admits she isn’t good with emotions, so maybe she doesn’t realize what she said wasn’t okay. It may be a cultural barrier. They come from two different backgrounds, so that might explain part of what’s going on here. Either way.

This oral sex drama is going to bite Stanbury in the ass. Ayan had a look of horror upon learning about it from Lesa at lunch. This is far from over.

Later in the episode, Lesa and Stanbury meet up thanks to messy Brooks. She invited both of them to ski at this gorgeous indoor ski resort in the middle of the mall. However, as per usual, Stanbury has to be the downer of the group. She has no concept of what it’s like to be a team player. She refused to wear the matching uniforms with the rest of the women because she came in her own attire.

Sarah & Nina’s Cultural Connection

Sara al Madani Real Housewives Of Dubai

How great was it to see Sara Al Madani take Nina Ali into her family’s home to give her a culture sampling? Nina’s away from her family, so it was a nice and tender moment to watch. Getting to know these women’s backstories more has been a treat.

Nina’s family lost everything due to fleeing the war in Lebanon. She appreciates everything in an entirely new light because of that. Things that we might take for granted are more precious to her.

It was also lovely seeing the bond between Sara and her father. You could tell watching them interact that their relationship meant the world to her. Seeing where Sara comes from and what’s shaped her into who she is today has also been eye-opening. She and Nina have been snoozefests to me for a while now, and I couldn’t see them returning for a second season.

Getting a glimpse into the Arab culture isn’t something viewers have an opportunity to often do. Dubai’s offering of this helps it stand out from the crowd of many Housewives shows currently on TV. They’re carving their own niche in a way that none of the others have the ability to replicate.

Stanbury’s Sour Attitude

Caroline Stanbury Real Housewives Of Dubai

Stanbury had a horrible attitude regarding everything from start to finish in this episode. Her initial issue took place at a family dinner with Ayan in attendance. It was incredibly awkward to witness because the topic was quite heavy to discuss with an outsider in the mix.

Stanbury’s latest gripe with her man was her insistence against having another child. Sergio hasn’t had the opportunity to be a father himself, but she’s already had, multiple kids. Also, given how she grew up spending most of her life in boarding school, a family doesn’t mean the same to her.

However, despite her best attempts, having a baby is still greenlit for their marriage. The way she’s approaching it is so foreign to me, though. She doesn’t want to parent the child or have much to do with them, and she wants Sergio to be the primary person looking after the baby because she doesn’t want to deal with it.

I already mentioned the issues between Stanbury and Lesa, but they’re worth noting again. It baffles the mind that Stanbury doesn’t see how she’s in the wrong. Her attitude at the Dubai ski slopes almost threatened to derail the entire day.

Lesa tried to check her, but it didn’t matter. Stanbury would do what she wanted to do regardless of anyone’s feelings. Poor Phaedra was trying to get to know her, which was pointless. She refused to ski!

If all of that wasn’t bad enough, she made Ayan’s birthday dinner about herself and her pre-wedding problems. She had no qualms about causing a scene at an event dedicated to someone else. For some reason, she’s determined to avoid sitting with any family members at the event, even though it’s clearly hurting Sergio.

Chanel Ayan Is One Of The Greats

Chanel Ayan Real Housewives Of Dubai

Ayan will be one of the most talked-about Housewives of all time. She is approaching icon status at only five episodes into the series. She is by far the most quotable new Housewife in years. This might be controversial, but I will put her up with NeNe Leakes or Bethenny Frankel. She hasn’t made their impact yet, but I foresee myself quoting her lines incessantly.

Ayan’s the most talked-about Housewife in Dubai right now. Stanbury entered the season with the most fanfare because of her prior Bravo connection. However, it didn’t take long for her to fall down the ranks. She’s not even in the top three most interesting of her own show.

Somehow Ayan’s managed to capture the attention of America with her effortless one-liners. It doesn’t feel forced by any means; it feels natural and endearing.

In this episode, she continued her hot streak of iconic moments with her over-the-top outfits for lunches and her birthday party. Why was she dressed like a wreath at lunch with Lesa? Someone fill me in on that.


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