There are some problems in life that can only be solved by a dance party. Whether you’re grooving in your car, raising the roof at the club or tearing it up alone in your room, it’s been scientifically proven that moving to the beat releases dopamine, oxytocin, serotonin and endorphins — aka, happy chemicals — in your brain. Basically, letting loose to a pulsing beat filled with major chords and bass drops is a form of self-care.

Don’t believe it? Take it from the experts. English DJ Jamie xx (who scored a song on this list) explained back in 2015 why he believes dancing to electronically charged music is essential. “It’s important to me because it just makes me happy,” he told Fader. “There’s not that many things that make me happy. I mean, that’s why it’s important to a lot of people. It can be something that you listen to on your own if you want, but really it’s something designed to make people happy, even if it’s a sad song. The act of dancing is a happy thing to do.”

Billboard has the perfect playlist for the next time in your life a dance therapy session is warranted — meaning all you have to do is put on your earbuds, crank up the volume and shake it out. From old school songs to modern day masterpieces, this list has something groovy for everybody, whether you love current pop hits, EDM originals from DJing geniuses like Dillon Francis, Skrillex and Calvin Harris, remixed versions of already dance-worthy tracks from Michael Jackson, Lizzo and Nelly or radio staples that make you feel a decade younger with just the push of a button.

From A (Avicii) to Z (Zedd), keep reading to see Billboard‘s top 50 feel good jams that’ll bring a smile to your face and put a spring in your step.

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