Donald Trump is reportedly angry because the 1/6 Committee is putting on more compelling television he could produce.

The New York Times reported:

The videos have rankled Mr. Trump, who has long prided himself on his instincts for good television.

“Those losers keep editing video,” Mr. Trump has told associates.

Mr. Trump has closely watched the hearings, expressing surprise at the testimony against him from former administration officials and even his family members, associates said. Mr. Trump has also repeatedly told associates that episodes that former advisers have discussed on video simply “didn’t happen.”

Trump was always obsessed with TV ratings. He considers himself a master showman who creates riveting entertainment and television. The reality is that Trump descended into self-parody and cheese long ago, Trump’s entertainment sensibilities were D-level reality television and stale 1980s-style presentation.

The 1/6 Committee is blowing Trump out of the water at what he views as his own game. The Committee has shown an ability to turn a well-researched investigation into compelling television, and Donald Trump’s ego appears to be struggling with what he is seeing on the screen.


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