Donald Trump’s reign as the ruler of the Republican Party is showing signs of ending as Ron DeSantis has a small two-point lead in a New Hampshire GOP primary poll.

NBC’s Steve Kornacki tweeted the results:

The bad news for Trump is that not only has his influence slipped, but he might not be able to benefit from the same sort of overstuffed field that split the non-Trump vote in the 2016 GOP primary and allowed him to cruise to victory.

There is no momentum for Pence, Haley, Pompeo, Noem, and Ted Cruz in New Hampshire, and all of these potential candidates have been visiting the Granite State for years.

A lot can happen before the 2024 Republican primary kicks off, but it looks like it could be a two-person race between DeSantis and Trump.

Republicans are increasingly sending signals that they aren’t listening to Trump like they used to. The former president continues to have a grip on most Republican members of Congress, but Republican voters are a different story.

Trump and DeSantis could be an epic brawl in 2024, and right now, it looks like Donald Trump is fading.

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