Left-wing abortion activist outside of Supreme Court

On Friday morning, the Supreme Court sided with the state of Mississippi and overturned Roe v. Wade.

The opinion was written by Justice Samuel Alito.

As The Gateway Pundit reported, left-wing insurrectionists rioted across the nation on Friday night following the ruling, led by Democratic politicians and dark money organizations dedicated to abortion.

MUST SEE VIDEO: Day 1 of the Abortionist Insurrection – Democrat Leaders Lead Calls for Mass Violence, Violent Mobs Terrorize Communities, Crack Heads

Radical leftist mobs formed in front of the US Supreme Court to terrorize elected officials and Justices.

The Gateway Pundit reported that Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene was attacked outside of SCOTUS right before she was rushed away by her security.

Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene Attacked By Unhinged Leftists Outside Supreme Court, Has to be Rushed Away By Security (VIDEO)

The mob outside of the Supreme Court is furious and unhinged. Investigative reporter Drew Hernandez recently filmed a deranged lunatic aggressively getting in his face after allegedly assaulting the camerawoman, Savanah Hernandez.

“No, I will not have a f*cking conversation, you worthless little sack of sh*t,” the leftist thug screamed just inches from Hernandez’s face. Fearlessly, Hernandez replied, “I guess the pandemic’s over.”

Hernandez then asked the man, “You like killing babies?”  In a demonic tone, the baby killer said,  “Yeah, I f*cking love killing babies.”

Drew Hernandez and Jack Posoebic tweeted the clip from Alex Jones’s Info Wars.

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