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Good evening. Here’s the latest at the end of Friday.

1. The Justice Department is pressuring the House committee investigating the Jan. 6 attacks to release transcripts next month.

The Justice Department says the material is essential to talks with former President Trump’s allies. A confrontational letter sent to the committee this week, in a tone that stunned Democrats, accused it of hampering the federal criminal investigation into the attack by refusing to share interview transcripts with prosecutors. Originally, the committee planned to hand them over in the fall.

The investigation into the Capitol riot has so far resulted in the arrests of more than 840 people.

For Representative Bennie Thompson, the committee chair, leading the hearings has a personal element. Born in a tiny Mississippi town, to parents denied the vote, Thompson has talked about how the justification of the insurrectionists’ actions has reminded him of the “dark history” of slavery.

For a recap, read our takeaways from yesterday’s hearings. And watch our video investigation of how the Proud Boys breached the Capitol.

3. The F.D.A. authorized two Covid vaccines for the youngest children.

Moderna’s two-dose vaccine is for children 6 months through 5 years old, while Pfizer’s three-dose vaccine is for children 6 months through 4 years.

If C.D.C. advisers back the vaccines, Dr. Rochelle Walensky, the C.D.C.’s director, is expected to quickly sign off — the final step before doses are rolled out, probably early next week.

Check out our explainer on what to know about vaccinating very young kids.

4. How do you define a boyfriend? The question is vital in the debate about gun legislation.

At issue in the Senate’s bipartisan gun safety deal is a provision that would make it more difficult for domestic abusers to obtain guns. Current law bars people convicted of domestic violence or subject to a domestic violence restraining order from being able to buy a gun. This applies only if they have been married to or lived with the victim, or if they had a child together.

Lawmakers want to expand the law to include other intimate partners. But first they need to agree on exactly what counts as a boyfriend. The disagreement between Democrats, who hope for a broad definition, and Republicans, who want a narrow one, could scuttle this part of the proposed legislation.

Related: The gun-control movement is still not outspending the N.R.A., and its proponents don’t always possess the same zeal as gun-rights supporters.

5. After two rough seasons, the Golden State Warriors once again won the N.B.A. championship.

The Warriors defeated the Boston Celtics, 103-90, in Game 6, winning the series 4-2. It is the franchise’s seventh title, and the fourth for its three superstars, Klay Thompson, Draymond Green and Stephen Curry.

The victory comes after two seasons during which injuries kept the Warriors from the playoffs. As the game ended, Curry, who scored 34 points and was named the most valuable player of the finals, embraced his father on the sidelines, and then fell to the court in tears.

6. A new book has women in Africa talking about sex.

When Nana Darkoa Sekyiamah took a trip with friends in Ghana, their sex lives became the hot topic. For the first time, they freely discussed experiences and needs. Sekyiamah co-founded a blog on the topic. Stories poured in and became a book, “The Sex Lives of African Women,” featuring 32 first-person accounts.

Women talk about polygamous marriage in Senegal, gay love in Egypt, and healing from child sexual abuse in Ethiopia. The book has been distributed in over 100 countries and territories, including the U.S. Sekyiamah said African women are too often seen as “passive, miserable, constantly pregnant, suffering from H.I.V. and AIDS.” Her book, she hopes, will give “the fuller story.”

7. Father’s Day can be complicated. We have tips on how to cope.

The holiday can be hard for people who have difficult family relationships and people who are grieving or infertile. If you’re dreading Father’s Day, The Times’s Well section looked at some things you can do to take the sting out of it.

In other news about patriarchs, Andy Garcia plays the paterfamilias in a new, Latino-centric version of “Father of the Bride.” From Opinion, Esau McCaulley wrote about the Black men who supported him in his father’s absence.

8. Drake surprised fans by dropping a new album, “Honestly, Nevermind.”

The 14-track album was released at midnight just hours after Drake told social media followers it was coming. It’s dedicated to Virgil Abloh, the fashion designer who died last year.

Drake dominates the streaming market and this new album, his seventh proper studio LP, comes as the rapper has taken greater control over his career. Last month, the Universal Music Group announced a wide-ranging deal with him, estimated to be in the hundreds of millions of dollars.

In related news, the British documentary filmmaker Louis Theroux (Paul’s son, Justin’s cousin) is baffled but pleased his “Jiggle, Jiggle” rap went viral.

9. The Juneteenth merchandising frenzy is in full swing.

This is only the second year that Juneteenth is being observed as a federal holiday and entrepreneurs have pounced on a chance to sell merchandise: cups, plates, banners, tablecloths and more. Sometimes the marketing goes astray, as with Walmart’s Juneteenth ice cream and kitschy beer koozies (“It’s the Freedom for Me”).

To celebrate, try the cookbook author Nicole Taylor’s menu featuring watermelon ginger beer, peach and molasses chicken, and strawberry sumac cake.

From our “Overlooked No More” obituaries comes the story of William B. Gould, one of the only escaped enslaved people to join the U.S. Navy during the Civil War.

10. And finally, meet the peecyclers.

A global movement to collect urine and use it as fertilizer seeks to address a slew of challenges — including food insecurity, water scarcity and inadequate sanitation — by not wasting our waste.

Human urine is full of nutrients that farmers typically apply to their crops as chemical fertilizer. Repurposing pee as plant food is more environmentally sustainable and could help shore up food supplies since the war in Ukraine has worsened a worldwide shortage of chemical fertilizers.

Our climate team tried several headlines for this story, including “Need Fertilizer? Urine Luck.” Take a look and tweet us your favorite.

Have a relieving weekend.

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We’re off on Monday for Juneteenth. We’ll be back on Tuesday.

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